Women’s Ministry Annual Conference 2019




The Spring Luncheon was just wonderful and I feel that Carol’s message was just perfect! She shared with me that as she was praying over the list of names of ladies attending, that God spoke to her heart a verse for one of the names on the list. That woman went to the book table and Carol was able to tell her what God had laid on her heart, stating she wasn’t sure if it meant anything to her but it was what God wanted her to share. Praise Him the woman said it was very relevant for where she was at this time and Carol was able to speak with her! How beautiful is that? I will never get used to the extravagant love our Lord has for us! We are so blessed.

By His Grace,




Anxiety or Peace?

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  1. Judith Edinger said:

    Cherie, thank you so much for this article and for the openness of your heart. I know how it is to get busy with your own things and not reach out to others. Thank you for this reminder and challenge to engage with our friends more. God bless. And thank you for leading the music at the Primary Dept.– you are such a blessing to me and to the children.


  2. Diane Neely said:

    Thanks for reiterating the truth that God DOES CARE for me and has a plan to solve the problems that make me anxious. I sometimes forget this when the problem is in my face I want to lean on MY ability to solve the issue. How many times in the past has God provided WHAT i NEEDED at the Exact time I needed it ?? So quick to forget His faithfulness to me in the past, and this same faithfulness will be there in the present and future. God Cares For Me !!! Yes– and Thank You God


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