Special Events

Events :: Loretta Stott and Pennie Lochmoeller
Welcome to the Special Events Branch of Women’s Ministries!

This ministry seeks to offer women of all ages to participate in many diverse events throughout the year.
Our prayer is that through the different activities we plan; whether it’s day trips, conferences, dinners, crafts, etc., women will have fun and at the same time connect and build relationships with other women in the church and the LORD JESUS.

Keep up with the “happenings” by checking this website, church bulletins and our displays at the Women’s Ministry table which is located right outside of the nursery. We will do our best to keep you informed!

Special Events team: Loretta, Pennie, Melissa, Dianna, Leslie, Dana, April, and Nancy.

All year 2019-2020



The Christmas Fling Celebration – December 1 & 2

Ladies, let’s start off the Christmas Season celebrating the birth of our Savior at The Christmas Fling Celebration at Sandy Cove, Maryland! The dates are December 1 & 2 starting with a “Sunday Celebration Dinner”. The speaker is Ellie Lofaro and Babbie Mason will be in concert. It concludes on Monday with a formal seated lunch after the “Monday Celebration”. There will be plenty of fellowship and laughter. Contact person: Contact Pennie Lochmoeller (penniemail@verizon.net) for information or stop by the Women’s Ministry table.



If you are interested please contact Loretta Stott/Pennie Lochmoeller or e-mail us at womensministryauc@gmail.com

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